Proven business management solutions and services
for businesses that want
to start, pivot, or grow.

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We understand the challenges that come with starting or maintaining a business. We're also very aware of how overwhelming it can be.




  • You’ve hit a wall in your business and need guidance around it


  • You’re trying to start and are clueless about the technical aspects of legally starting a business


  • You don’t understand accounting, marketing or HR

  • You discovered  gaps in your business during the pandemic


  • or You don’t know how to engage a customer and turn them into a repeat customer


Sound familiar? Don't worry, we're here to help you and your business.



Trade the overwhelm

for achievable deliverables with a personal agent to walk you through the process to achieve tasks, hit milestones and reach goals.


We’re here to help your business build an infrastructure that will effectively support your goals and generate the revenue you expect. It’s all possible with quality consulting and education services to help you fill the gaps you didn't know you had.

Business Services

  • Small Business Consulting Services

  • Business Management Consulting

  • Disaster Response Planning

  • Access to Capital

  • Accounting

  • Legal Counsel

  • Marketing and Sales

Our clients are community colleges,  universities with entrepreneurship or innovative small business development departments, as well as, minority and women-owned businesses with vetted traction, strong customer bases and consistent revenue.


We’ve successfully worked with over 600 businesses and business owners. We have processed $22 million in SBA PPP loan forgiveness applications and helped raise over $50 million in capital over 20 years. Who's next?

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