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Integrality is a business management consulting firm that specializes in marketing and communications, market research, education, training, web technology, data integration, customer relationship management (CRM), financial and strategic planning. We help public and private companies connect disparate ideas to create viable business solutions. We can help you solve problems within your organization and unleash your ability to create new business or to do a better job at connecting with your customers.


We provide business and event planning services, strategy development, IT analysis, IT auditing services, web design and web application development, data integration and system implementation services, and brand development services to our public and private clients. We have introduced three new services to meet the growing domestic and international needs of our customers. We offer international trade consulting services, audit services and crowdfunding transparency services to high growth ventures across the globe.


Clients may benefit from the complete suite of services or choose the offerings that best fit their needs through our CIR System. Integrality is becoming a valuable team member to our clients. We were nominated for the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Quality & Excellence Award in 2013 and Minority Business Enterprise of the Year by North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency in 2012. Our talented consultants enable us to provide innovative solutions through a unique combination of business disciplines and strength of vendor relationships. Integrality is a woman-owned, HUB and SBE certified consulting firm operating domestically and internationally.


There isn't anything we won't do for our clients when it comes to turning innovative ideas into reality using our vast knowledge, skills, relationships and experiences. Your satisfaction is the number one priority to us and year after year we are highly rated in the areas of professionalism, customer service, knowledge and service delivery. Call us toll-free at 1-877-601-3211 for help turning your innovative ideas into reality.

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